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bitmap, vector & pixelate icons 
09:36pm 10/02/2007
we're trying to search LJ users, who is interested in icons for web, software etc.
if you the one, Welcome!
06:07pm 24/06/2006

I’m first time here.
Sorry for my English.

I live now in Jersey City. But before - during 6 years, (after my emigration from Moscow Russia) I lived in New York City. I living in north part of Manhattan - Washington Heights in 6 storey house on a second floor. My windows are going in the “well of yard”. I see walls of two (or three) opposite buildings – close. There were sharp, brown; look “like dirty” walls with splits and every time close windows… And of course - New York Fire Escape Balconies – metal, old and with rustle.... After view on the Moscow’ Cherkizovo Lake with park - it was (during first months living here) rather disturbing…(in Moscow I live in 14-th storey building near small lake with small park) . Truly there were several big trees here, BUT…

But I’m poet and photographer and I try to talking with myself and trying looking in this yard with different angle…. Now I almost missed that dark deep yard… But…

But I want tell and show you one picture… Just yard with fire escape balconies – brown dark yard, but…

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...Is Anybody Out There??? 
08:58am 21/09/2004
mood: aggravated
I joined this community at least a week ago, maybe two, and I have yet to receive any entries. (I added the community to my friend's page.) Is this a recently added community? No one seems to update...

I guess I'll add one of my poems, and hopefully I'll get some comments. I'll take the good and the bad; any criticism is respected. Thanks in advance, and hope to see some entries from other people. Laters.

Power Of Innocence

A little child,
Glowing white,
Sitting calmly atop dark skies,
Hovering over a blackened world
In the midst of danger,
Scattered wreckage spreads below,
She is untouched;
Unknowing of this
Terror beneath,
Blind to her surroundings of
Unaware of corruption's shadow.
She is numb.
She is protected
Near the heart of inconvenience by
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10:46am 17/08/2004

It took time to fashion this noose,
from fine threads of self abuse,
but it fits your neck perfectly;
Your heels hit heavy on the hardwood…not that it did any good.
My love, you’ve been a constant headache for me.
If it came down to this act or one more near heart attack,
you wouldn’t have a hope in hell, my darling.
It all comes down to this act.
Don’t stop the heartbeat counting.
I know that I’m responsible for this, and I’ll miss you.
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01:26pm 12/07/2002

You mark yourself because you can't make your mark anywhere else [Richey Edwards]

I'm a painter
I'm such a master at my craft
Put my work on display
Let's keep it out of the museums though huh?
Stop being ignorant of my pain

My canvas
Lovely pale flesh
Scarred from earlier works
Weeping wounds
New masterpieces

My brush
Sharp glinting savior
Swift strokes paint snow crimson
That special instrument
Release the agony
As the paint drips down

Based on myself and inspired slightly by Faster [Manic Street Preachers]

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